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Handling your Back Flip Bow

Handle bows carefully!  Although we test them on backpacks, because we know how cheerleaders love to show them off, it does not guarantee them from damage.  They get a lot of wear and tear!  To ensure the hair tie lasts long it is advised not to carry them on your back pack. If a hair tie does break, email me and we can make arrangements to get it fixed up for you.

Bows are made with high quality grosgrain ribbon.  Most are layered with spandex fabrics or glitter vinyl!  I also use high quality hair ties.  The same ones I use on my daughter's hair!  

Some bows have rhinestones.  These are either Korean low lead or Swarovski elements depending on bow.  


To ensure the longevity of your hair tie and bow, wear it properly!  Check out my video on You Tube!